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Leiden, Netherlands and Chippenham, UK. November 2, 2017


IXYS Corporation an international power and IC semiconductor company, today announced an increased maximum voltage and a new low profile package option for its W2624 series rectifier diode. The maximum grade voltage has been increased to 2800 volts and a new 21 mm thick package option has been added to the standard range for this rectifier diode


As part of IXYS UK’s ongoing optimisation of its rectifier diode portfolio the maximum voltage rating for the W2624 series diode has been increased from 2500 volts to 2800 volts. This increase in voltage has been achieved without compromising the average current rating which remains at 2624 amperes at a heat sink temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. The diode has a surge rating of 30.8 kiloamperes and a maximum junction temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. The device comprises a 50mm diameter silicon die bonded onto a metal disc packaged in an industry standard outline, fully hermetic ceramic package. As well as the established 26mm thick package, the diode is now also offered in a slim line 21mm thick package. The convolutions in the ceramic of the new thinner package option retain the longer creepage distance often required in traction applications and harsh industrial environments.


 “The new thinner package option is compatible with standard outlines which are no longer available from the OEMs and offers a better solution for better performance in high power systems in the market, without the need to change any of the mechanical parts,” commented Frank Wakeman, IXYS UK’s Marketing and Technical Support Manager. “It is our continuing strategy to offer more power in smaller packages thus reducing material costs and weight.”


As standard, the device is available in two voltage classes and the two package thicknesses as outlined above. Part number designations for the expanded range of rectifier diodes are: for the thicker 26mm package,W2624NC240 for a 2400V part and W2624NC280 for a 2800V part; for the new 21mm thick package W2624ND240 for a 2400V part and W2624ND280 for a 2800V part. If required the diodes can be supplied pre-selected for parallel operation against a customer specific requirement. Consult factory for details.


Typical applications for this device include: track side rectifiers for DC operated light rail systems, rectifiers for DC locomotives, front end rectifiers and bridges for industrial applications, DC power supplies, utilities and chemical power supplies.

Beverly, Massachusetts, USA – October  12, 2017


IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), announces the immediate availability of the CPC1705Y, a 60V, 3.25A, DC-Switching Power SSR. This is the industry’s highest load current rating for a single-pole normally closed (1-Form B) solid state relay using an optically coupled, single MOSFET output switch architecture in a Power IC package.  The CPC1705Y SSR provides 2500Vrms of input to output isolation and has a very low 0.09 Ohms maximum On-Resistance. 

The relay output is constructed with an efficient MOSFET switch that utilizes ICD’s patented OptoMOS architecture. The input,  controls the optically coupled output requiring only 5mA of input current to activate the isolated DC switch. 

The device is offered in IXYS ICD’s 4-pin Power Single In-line Package (Power SIP) (10.2 height X 21.1 length X 3.3 width in mm) which facilitates multiple channel switching in dense printed circuit board designs and has an operational temperature range from -40 to +85 Celsius.   Off state leakage current is 1uA maximum at 25 Celsius. 

The CPC1705Y 1-Form-B SSR is complementary to IXYS ICD’s popular CPC1706Y Normally Open (1-Form-A) SSR with similar specifications. Using both 1-Form-A and 1-Form-B devices facilitates SPDT switching designs in addition to the inherent SPST functionality of these SSRs. 

The combination of low on-resistance and high load current capability makes this relay suitable for a variety of high performance switching applications, especially applications that cannot use electromechanical relays that generate sparks. 

Applications include: transportation and automotive, security, battery backup systems, industrial controls, IoT power control and robotics. 

The CPC1705Y is approved to the UL 508 and CSA Standards for industrial control equipment.

For additional information, please contact your local sales representative: 
or visit 
for the datasheet. 

Leiden, Netherlands and Milpitas, CA. September 26, 2017


IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), a global manufacturer of power semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs) for energy efficiency, power management, transportation, medical, and motor control applications, today announced a 30A, dual channel, 4000V isolated gate driver module, the IXIDM1403_1505_M.


Built with the IX6610/11 gate driver chipset, it allows a 3.3V microcontroller (MCU), through a 4kV isolation barrier, to control IGBTs and MOSFETs in the half-bridge configuration. The PWM signals can be as short as 500 ns, and there is no lower limit on the switching frequency. It is capable of driving high-power IGBT and MOSFET modules rated up to 1700V.


The IXIDM1403_1505_M gate driver core can support switching frequencies up to 250kHz. The two output channels are electrically isolated from each other and from the primary side. An internal power supply can provide up to 2W per channel of isolated power to drive both upper and lower IGBTs (or MOSFETs), effectively isolating the MCU from the high power circuitry. Operating from a single polarity 15V power source, it provides +15V/-5V and 30A peak current to the IGBT/MOSFET gates as well as +3.3V (at 50mA) to the corresponding controlling MCU.


This driver module provides a complete high voltage, gate driver solution with all the necessary features: short circuit protection, under and over-voltage lockout protection, advanced active clamping, and supply voltage monitoring. Enclosed in a 50mm x 48mm x 22mm package, it enables a compact and low profile design.


The IXIDM1403_1505_M gate driver module is well suited for digital power applications where a Zilog microcontroller can be used to implement the digital control. Such power conversion applications include high power inverters, isolated DC-DC converters, motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), renewable energy, traction, and medical devices.

Fort Collins, CO. September 19, 2017


IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the introduction of the SMPD Series high frequency surface mount power MOSFETs by its IXYS Colorado division.


The new SMPD (Surface Mount Power Device) isolated package family provides a MOSFET power device in an SMD outline with all the advantages of flexibility, automated assembly and reduced package size. With one of the lowest height profiles in the market, it fulfills the demand for total size reduction and therefore facilitates system cost reduction requirements.


The first MOSFET devices in the series, available now from IXYS Colorado, are the IXRFSM12N100 1000Volt 12 Ampere and IXRFSM18N50 500 Volt 19 Ampere devices. 



  • Isolated substrate

  • High isolation voltage (Greater than 2500 V)

  • Excellent thermal transfer

  • Increased temperature and power cycling capability

  • Low gate charge and capacitances

    • Easier to drive

    • Faster switching

  • Low RDS(on)

  • Very low insertion inductance (Less than 2 nH)

  • No beryllium oxide (BeO) or other hazardous materials


  • Optimized for high speed switching

  • Easy to mount—no insulators needed

  • Can be mounted with automated assembly equipment

  • High power density



  • Switch and resonant mode DC-DC converters

  • Laser drivers

  • Pulse generators

  • High frequency power amplifiers


“The SMPD Series devices are an exciting addition to IXYSRF’s growing family of components for high speed power system design,” commented Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado. “Incorporating IXYS’ cutting-edge high speed CMOS die technology with a low-inductance surface mount package, they deliver high performance power MOSFETs with the cost savings of automated assembly.”

Fort Collins, CO. August 15, 2017


IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the introduction of the IXRFD615 ultrafast low-side RF MOSFET gate driver by its IXYS Colorado division.


The IXRFD615 is a CMOS high-speed, high-current gate driver specifically designed to drive MOSFETs in Class D and E RF applications as well as other applications requiring ultrafast rise and fall times or short minimum pulse widths.


The IXRFD615 can source and sink 15 Amperes of peak current while producing voltage rise and fall times of less than 5 nanoseconds and minimum pulse widths of 8 nanoseconds. The input of the driver is compatible with TTL or CMOS and is fully immune to latch up over the entire operating range.


The IXRFD615 is packaged in a low-inductance surface mount RF package incorporating advanced layout techniques to minimize stray lead inductances for optimum switching performance.


Designed with small internal delays, cross conduction or current shoot-through is virtually eliminated. The features and wide safety margin in operating voltage and power make the IXRFD615 unmatched in performance and value.



  • Isolated substrate

    • High isolation voltage (in excess of 2500 V)

    • Excellent thermal transfer

    • Increased temperature and power cycling capability

  • High peak output current

  • Low output impedance

  • Low quiescent supply current

  • Low propagation delay

  • High capacitive load drive capability

  • Wide operating voltage range



  • Optimized for RF and high speed

  • Easy to mount, no insulators needed

  • High power density

  • RoHS compliant


  • Class D and E RF generators

  • Multi-MHz switch mode power supplies

  • Pulsed transformer drivers

  • Pulsed laser diode drivers

  • High speed pulse generators


“The IXRFD615 driver is an exciting addition to IXYSRF’s growing family of components for high frequency power RF system design,” commented Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado. “Incorporating IXYS’ cutting-edge high speed CMOS die technology with IXYSRF’s low-inductance surface mount RF package, the IXRFD615 offers industry-leading RF performance.”

Beverly, Massachusetts, USA – August 10, 2017


IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (IXYS ICD), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS), announces the immediate production release of the CPC1511, a current limiting 1-Form-A normally open Solid State Relay (SSR) that replaces electromechanical devices while enhancing the performance of switching applications. 

The 230V CPC1511 is manufactured with an optically isolated control input, and an integrated monolithic die for the output current. Fabricated with ICD’s HVIC SOI technology, the device is an integrated powered driver with active current limiting and thermal shutdown circuitry and Power MOSFET switches. CPC1511 incorporates thermal shutdown circuitry for improved survivability in harsh environments and is designed to pass regulatory voltage surge requirements when provided with appropriate over voltage protection circuitry.  This device is designed specifically for harsh AC or DC applications where printed circuit board space is at a premium and additional power supplies are not available. The active current limit and thermal shutdown features offer automatic recovery to the appropriate switch state, as determined by the input control current, once the fault condition is removed. This fault protection circuitry provides excellent robustness in high stress switching environments. 

The CPC1511 relay provides current limiting for unidirectional DC applications, in addition to typical AC applications. This current limiting 1-Form-A normally open SSR is ideal for general power switching applications in instrumentation, IoT products, industrial controls, peripherals, security, and medical equipment.  Key features include built-in current-limiting protection circuitry, thermal shutdown, linear AC/DC operation, low power consumption, clean, bounce-free switching, and an extended operational lifetime over electromechanical relays . 

The CPC1511 is available in a 4-Pin Power SIP Package (25/Tube). 

For more information and to access the datasheet, visit: 
http://www.ixysic.com/home/pages.nsf/locate.rep, and 

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